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Joining Together to Preserve Neighborhoods

United Neighbors is a coalition of neighborhood residential groups throughout California. Our common goal is to protect multi-family and single-family neighborhoods while supporting affordable and equitable housing for all. The rights of all residents and the rights of people needing affordable housing are bound together, and the solution to our affordable housing crisis requires thoughtful, effective, and rapid-acting legislation with community input.

United Neighbors looks forward to working with elected officials so they can implement good housing policy with community inputs and ideas. We encourage everyone to counteract the false narrative that single-family zoning is the cause of our affordable housing shortage and instead collaboratively solve the real problem – the urgent need for effective funding strategies. Together we will:

  • Preserve neighborhoods.

  • Protect open spaces and environments.

  • Ensure local control so housing is built in appropriate areas with adequate infrastructure.

  • Create housing in commercial areas and on publicly owned land.

  • Commit Government funding and subsidies to produce affordable housing.

State legislation continues to target the upzoning of neighborhoods. These bills often benefit only land speculators and developers by driving up land values, increasing housing costs, and creating more unneeded market-rate housing. In most cases, current zoning, if properly implemented, can provide all needed housing.

United Neighbors encourages legislators to leverage our tax dollars to subsidize affordable housing because the old private-sector model has not provided and will not provide the necessary amount of affordable housing. When our elected officials ask the right questions, they will find the right answers to our affordable housing crisis. Join us to help them get it right!


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This is one of the Los Angeles Planning Department’s maps of proposed rezoning.

This is one of the Los Angeles Planning Department’s maps of proposed rezoning


The City of Los Angeles is out to end single-family neighborhoods

While there is no doubt that Los Angeles needs more affordable housing, there is also no doubt that the LA City Planning Department is currently proposing the rezoning of our single-family and sensitive multi-family neighborhoods to allow 4-5 story apartments. This is not acceptable! Many of these neighborhoods are home to people who have struggled and saved to create a place for their families. With zero guardrails, Planning is handing these residential communities over to developers.

Instead of destroying residential neighborhoods, we’ve worked with neighborhoods across Los Angeles and created community maps that locate enough housing to meet the state’s housing mandate.   These community-based maps rezone underutilized commercial corridors, public lands, and create places for mixed income housing that would revitalize ALL our communities and make them more walkable, sustainable, and livable. While being mindful of Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, we can meet the need of our city without ruining our existing neighborhoods.

Our mayor has said, "I would not and I do not believe you force things on people. But you do involve people and let them come up with their own solutions. The attitude has to be ‘we all have skin in the game’ and given that how do you deal with it in your neighborhood."

We, United Neighbors, are doing our part to find solutions but is the City willing to let us have skin in the game?

We don’t need to destroy our housing to build new housing.

Now we need YOUR HELP! Tell your elected representative to stop needless rezoning of your neighborhoods!

The Effects of SB 9 and SB 10

Statewide Town Hall

August 7, 2021

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Single-family neighborhoods are in danger due to powerful real-estate speculators.

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